Friday, November 29, 2013

I'm ready for Apocalypse Z

It happened. I took time to do some modeling/painting again. And it felt good.
Finished my last two Zombie Game Mini Mes so now I have myself in various options of weaponry. Also I did some preperations for December, because something big is coming. Well "big" for my standards but I won't spoil anything yet. Gaming wise we did another round of Call of Cthulhu and it still doesn't get boring. I even started writing my own adventure for the group but I'm still in the eraly stage writing the main plot and drawing maps. Enough chitchat, here's the pic.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Gone till November

Hope you're all fine? I'm pretty good, thanks. Yeah I've been gone for a while now. Basically because of summer. I didn't do much tabletop related in the past months. I've been for holiday trip in Egypt, and of course during the time where all those riots took place. Gladly everything worked out fine during our stay. I've also been to Budapest for three days with my dudes. Dude weekend you know. It was pretty cool, they have cheap beer. Rest of the time I spent playing Skyrim and Diablo III with my girl. My only Geek drug during the last three months was my Call of Cthulhu group. Played 5 games during that time and advanced pretty much in our campaign. Can't write down all what we discovered now but I have to say may character Otto Hahn is a pretty damn awesome guy. Fisherman, sailor, rascal, rakish, drinker, ladies man, sharpshooter (headshot a seal, yeah poor seal but it was to stop the elder ones from craving the souls of all mortals), social genious and master detective (he was the one that found the dead body that the whole police of Hamburg was looking for) We finished the first adventure with finding one of the fishmen on Borkum. It was kind of similar to the Innsmouth story from HPL. Now we're looking for a small boy that was kidnapped by strangers. His father, a big industrian moved with his family from New York to Hamburg and we just found out that there were also other kidnappings around... but fear not humanity, Otto comes to the rescue! With his fishermans coat, a captains hat and a bucket full of bad cursing.
On a completely other note me and my girl got into X-Wing some weeks ago and pretty much enjoy the game... if we find time during our Diablo sessions. And now that I got Assassins Creed IV it could get even worse. I'm playing Imperials and she supports the Rebel scum. Actually she first wanted to play princess Leia but since there is no Leia in the game until now she said she will be playing Luke as consolation prize.
We also started playing Carnage again last week and I feel the urge to do something with little figures again so maybe I get to paint or assemble some more models in the near future. I'm close to the "I HAVE TO!!!" moment where all the pent-up modeling bursts out in a big bash up session. But probably it will get killed by Cpt. Kenway... we'll see.


Btw I realized the repost post of my Pyramind Head already counts nearly 6k hits. WTF?!