Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bunker Board Project pt.2.2 - Painting algae/moss

So it is my first day of the Christmas holidays and I was not as lazy as I thought I would be.
I painted another layer of rust onto the rusty parts, painted the walls with green algae/moss. Here's what came out. The pics are taken with flash so the green looks brighter as it is in real life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Double Darn You Games Workshop!

You may rememer when I told about my experience of placing an order at Games Workshop. For those who don't remember, you can read it here.
This is the sequel post because after waiting for 18 days the delivery still didn't arrive. The status on the order overview still said it is in progress but I didn't see any progress. So I called the mailorder. Again. Serendipitously I had the same guy on the phone that promised me last time he would check the status and send me an email. Well I think it's unnecessary to mention that I never received an email. Nevertheless I asked him where my delivery is and so he checked the order. He found out that someone just didn't took the order from ordering to shipment after the cash arrived. I told him that this is a great idea in making money but has nothing to do with customer friendlyness. He agreed. He promised me to fix all that and that the delivery will be shipped the same day and he will send me an email when everything is done... I told him that I am totally excited to receive an email from him since he promised me the same thing the last time we talked. If I would have seen his face I think he would have blushed.
A little time later I checked my orders again and found out that the original one was cancelled and another one was created. Also received an (automatic) email that my delivery is on the way.
The only thing that bugs me a little is that the new order has also the 25€ value and I am curious if the grab the cash a second time. Then I would have paid 50€ for a delivery that originally should have costed me 5€ and I would have to call mailorder. Again!
Stay tuned on this exciting journey to the wilderness of a Games Workshop online order process.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bunker Board Project pt.2.1 - Painting the rust

So I started painting my little bunker board. As you already know I am lazy and so I didn't take any pictures from structuring with the sand/glue/black paint mixture I used, also no pictures from drybrushing with codex grey and no pictures from first layer of vallejo light rust. But I managed to take some pictures from the actual look with added boltgun and flesh wash. Next step is some vallejo dark rust followed by another soft layer of light rust again. The plan is to get those two layers done today. Maybe I also get it done to water some light rust down to add some further rust that should look like it runs down some walls from the pipes. The next step would be to paint the small cracks in the floor with some green to look like algae which I want to fill up with some water effect to look like puddles. I also wanna add some algae to the walls to represent high air humidity inside the bunker. After that I plan to paint the skulls that are laying around in some of the tiles. This is followed by adding the water effect stuff and finallly those tanks which I plan to be filled with some stuff, maybe some bodies from experiments or similar.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Battletank Leopard style pt.5 - Final details

At the end just some final little touches here and there. Additional armour plates on the track guards, rivets and some bits and it's done.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Battletank Leopard style pt.4 - Track Guards

The track guards weren't a big deal, just some plastcard fitted in the right place and that's it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Battletank Leopard style pt.3 - Tracks

I choose to double the tracks as one single would be way too small and the tank would look stupid. I used several of the track wheels from the Chimera and the Russ kits.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Battletank Leopard style pt.2 - Hull

After completing the turret I started with the Hull. As the normal LeMan Russ kit is too short an too high for my taste I extended the Russ hull with parts of the Chimera hull.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grenadier Sergeant

I like those Death korps of Krieg models but they are to expensive for my taste and so I converted this model from a Imperial guardsmean, old Warzone models, some plastic rods, guitar wire and greenstuff. I have another 9 or 10 of them on the workbench but this one I painted for testing purposes. Came out pretty well.

Battletank Leopard style pt.1 - Turret

This was my first bigger kitbash that includes also some custom made parts. I wanted a tank that looks similar to those smashing across the battlefields this days and so I got some inspiration from the Leopard and the Abrams.
I bought a LeMan Russ and a Chimera via eBay and started the chopping. First I started with the turret, unfortunately there are no wip pics but you get the idea.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darn you Games Workshop!

So it was my birthday and my cousine wanted to surprise me with two Games Workshop online vouchers. One for 20€ and one for 10€ because a 30€ voucher doesn't exist.
Five days later the vouchers hadn't arrived yet and so she had to call the mailorder. They excused themselves and sent the voucher codes to her and she forwarded them to me. So I activated the codes and was happy for now.
Few days later I wanted to use them and choose some stuff into my shopping cart for about 30€. As I wanted to choose the vouchers for payment I found out that you are only able to choose one voucher per order. What the Hell?!
So I cancelt the order with quite an angry mood.
A day later I decided to order though I am only able to use one voucher (still: what the hell?!). I placed the Krash Thrax from the Inquisitor range into my shopping cart and went to payment. I properly entered my bank account for the remaining 5€ and entered the code for the 20€ voucher. The page sowed me that I had still 5€ to pay which was surprisingly correct. As I clicked the button for sending the order the page started to load and load. After that was done the page showed me my bill and the details to my order that said "amount to pay: 25€"
I shortly was confused and shocked. So I checked again and thought "Maybe the voucher is just not shown" but as a I went back to "My Games Workshop" there was still the 20€ voucher listed as available.
I got a "crew stunned" result...
So I grabbed the phone and called the mailorder. The guy there told me that I might have made a mistake... I told him insistend that I followed all points correctly.
I had two options: First was to cancel the order what was only possible if the article hasn't already been packed or second, I let it be and pay the 25€.
I choose to cancel the order if still possible. He told me that he checks that with the department and give me an email how it turned out.
That was last Thursday, that's 7 days ago and I'm still waiting on that email.
By the way: the money is already gone from my bank account and the model hasn't arrived yet.
Thank you Games Workshop!

Bunker Board Project pt.1 - Building

This is my project that I want to have finished until end of this year.
A bunker gaming board with about 15 tiles if finished. I always wanted to have a such a gaming board and as I found this around the internet I knew that this is it.
It will only be suitable for skirmish games but as me and my gamer friends usually play skirmish games it's perfect.
Unfortunately I didn't make any pictures during building the several tiles but I have another 6 or 7 undone and I promise I will take some pictures during making them. So these are the first 9 tiles built and ready for a structure paint. One of the tiles holds some LEDs (the one with the clear tubes) and another one has built in speakers so you can connect you mp3 player or cell phone and listen to music during wargaming.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I painted this Dreadnought a while ago. I run him with my guards as an sentinel when I play with my friends.
I totaly love the field grey color. He is nearly finished with only missing some pigments like the Ragnarok Battletank.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Burned Alessa pt.2.1 - Painting

I had to base coat the model for finishing the base because some parts will be covered partially by the base as I want it too look like she is breaking through the floor. I also added the infusions to the bed.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Battletank KVII Kit-Bash

As I told I am not only working on my Silent Hill stuff. I also did this kitbash of an KVII Tank into an LeMan Russ Ragnarok style.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Burned Alessa pt.1 - Building

As I wanted a second Daemon Prince for my Silent Hill Army and I don't know how to build Samael till now, I decided to build Alessa from the movie inside her bed with all those barbed wire killing the fanatics inside the church. The basic model is a possessed from Games Workshop from which I cutted all those locks and stuff off. Then I built the bed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dead Bodies evrywhere!

Just like in the games I want to fill my gaming table with decorative dead bodies. So I started to build them from plastcard and Greenstuff., made a mould of them and I also got time to paint the first two of them. I think they are cool and will be looking awesome on the board.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Restarting the systems

Well it's been a while...
and as you can see some little things have changed. The layout, and more important, the name. As I am doing more than those Silent Hill daemons and I don't want to make a Blog for each projekt (because I am already too lazy for one blog) I gave it the suitable name "lazy and distractet" as this describes perfectly how I am working on my projects. After I started a project I soon loose the motivation and so it lays around for ages but this doesn't stop me from starting a new project and so I have a bunch of stuff laying around unfinished. This doesn't mean I don't finish anything but it takes it's time.
So what have I done in the last year? Well I made some progress on my Silent Hill stuff but also finished some smaller projects that I will show here in the next days. Rest of the time I spent developing a game system which two friends of mine and this also takes a lot of time with writing, creating rules and game testing.
I also started a new model project which I want to finish to the end of this year. Yeah I know that sounds fantastic and utopian but it seems that I really get it done.
So stay tuned for the next update with pictures.