Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fifth Birthday

Due to the fact that my girl moved in with me there are still some packing crates blocking my hobby space and I didn't do much stuff in the last time. We're still about to get things sorted. I even sold my whole Blood Angel company. Not just because we don't have enough space for it but also because I just don't use it anymore. Same things are about to happen to my Imperial Guard army. So if anyone of you "needs" some Guards or Le Man Russes comment below and I'm gonna put up some pics of the stuff that has to go.
Just because I'm not doing hobby stuff atm doesn't mean that I don't have things in plan. The kickstarter from tablescapes battlefields is about to get shipped so it'll probably arrive during the next month on my doorstep, that means I have to do some gaming table building. Therefore I plan to buy buildings from several manufacturers and I'm gonna modify my Silent Hill board buildings for fitting. Gonna do posts on that when it's time for. Until that I still have some stuff on my painting desk but I can't access it right now because of aforementioned packing crates.
So while checking the blogroll today I realised that it's my blogs fifth birthday and I just blushed because I didn't plan anything special for it. Don't even knew that it was today.
So Happy Birthday little blog, I'm sorry that I forgot you.