Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oldhammer Beastmen

Managed to spend some time to finally paint something. Did five Oldhammer Beastmen and quite like them. I decided to make soem shield designs but not as detailed as that from the Chaos Warrior or the Khornate Beastman. They are just too stupid for high quality paintings. At least I think so.

Friday, September 19, 2014

And now: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Long time no see. Been buys with... I don't know stuff?
Me and my girl been to Scotland and it was awesome. Unfortunately we had a lot fo rain which wasn't good because of camping but we truly enjoyed the time though. I especially liked Edinburgh, Oban and of course all the nature with no human and just mountains, green and sheep. Last but not least Staffa was a fantastic experience and perfectly for proposing to my girl. Yeah we got enganged and gonna marry next year.
Hobby related I didn't do a damn thing for quite a long time. I managed start a group of roleplayers for warhammer fantasy roleplay. We're playing 1st edition and I collected a lot of adventures for that through several communities. Unfortunately it's quite difficult to get a grip on the Enemy Within books in german and so I'm still missing "Death on the Reik" but I think someday I will be lucky on ebay. We're quite a big group with six players and a GM but I guess some of them will vanish soon enough. The group consists of a Halfing Footpad, a Halfling Noble, a Elven Hunter, a Human Sorcerers Apprentice, a Dwarfen Troll Slayer and a Human Warpriest of Sigmar. We played the Oldenhaller contract adventure and two others from a german fan who made some on his own. Means we had four evenings of playing until now and next week we start with "Lichemaster" after which the first part of "The Enemy Within" will start. We'll see how many of the six players remain until then. Maybe I get to paint something again during the next two weeks because I have holidays. It's at least my plan to do so.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scotland is a go!

So still no model related stuff. Still in kind of move-in-and-holiday-planning stress. The only thing that I had the last weeks to fix my geek need was my Call of Cthulhu RPG group.
BUT as the title reads Scotland is a go. On monday the plane is leaving and then there will be two weeks of pure rental car camping fun. The route is Edinburgh - Falkirk - Perth - Dufftown - Inverness - Ullapool - Skye - Oban (- Isle of Mull - Staffa) - Glasgow - and back to Edinburgh. Hopefully I get back to my working desk after that time because I have such an itch in my fingers.
If there's anybody out there resident in Scotland and out for a Pint or two during the next two weeks give me a heads up and we'll surely have them.

So long my friends allons y!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fifth Birthday

Due to the fact that my girl moved in with me there are still some packing crates blocking my hobby space and I didn't do much stuff in the last time. We're still about to get things sorted. I even sold my whole Blood Angel company. Not just because we don't have enough space for it but also because I just don't use it anymore. Same things are about to happen to my Imperial Guard army. So if anyone of you "needs" some Guards or Le Man Russes comment below and I'm gonna put up some pics of the stuff that has to go.
Just because I'm not doing hobby stuff atm doesn't mean that I don't have things in plan. The kickstarter from tablescapes battlefields is about to get shipped so it'll probably arrive during the next month on my doorstep, that means I have to do some gaming table building. Therefore I plan to buy buildings from several manufacturers and I'm gonna modify my Silent Hill board buildings for fitting. Gonna do posts on that when it's time for. Until that I still have some stuff on my painting desk but I can't access it right now because of aforementioned packing crates.
So while checking the blogroll today I realised that it's my blogs fifth birthday and I just blushed because I didn't plan anything special for it. Don't even knew that it was today.
So Happy Birthday little blog, I'm sorry that I forgot you.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sporty Zeds

Zabadak commented on an eralier post from me mentioning themed Zombie sets from Cold War Minis and a few weeks ago my usual online shop had some of those on sale. So I bought the Highschool and the UK pack. Managed to get the first three finished. Finally my first non GW Zombies.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Khorne Beastman

Hello together. Hope you did well over the holidays and startet the new year with a bang. I've been pretty busy during that time you know with all that family stuff and then there was the new years party I organized with my girl. It was awesome. Had a themed party with super heroes and super villains. I was He-Man. Maybe I'll show you a pic of me in my costume. During that time I had no time to do blogging but I finished this Beastman during Old School December so it's basically still a pretty belated post. Who cares? So here he is. The shield is not as awesome than the one from the Chaos Warrior but I think it fits him nicely.