Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dark Elves

Hello again,
it's been a little about a year since I postet something here. What can I say? My family keeps me busy. We moved into a bigger flat and my mancave shrinked even more and is now in the cellar. Nevertheless I managed to get some projects started like a gaming board, several GW scenery sets and a Warband for some Mordheim/Realm of Chaos games. (We use the Mordheim core rules with some minor tweaks and some self written Warband Books based on the RoC books and several other old Warhammer books) These three Dark Elves had to be done for my Warband since I rolled them and had none to date. I know they're not Oldhammer but I don't have any Oldhammer Dark Elves so they have to do the trick.