Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Horrors

I'm back in less than five months. Who would have thought that?
An right on time for Halloween I managed to get some models painted up. First up I finished these three as I call them Siamese. I still think they miss something even if it's just painted eyes but I'm not good at that.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So it's been about five months since my last post here...
Man times running and what have I done? I spent most of the summer days hanging out with my dudes. Most thing we worked on finishing our own ruleset for tabletop gaming. It's called "Carnage" and the name is well deserved. I think the best rule we have is "the rule of maximum carnage" which states that all rule or gaming issues are simply resolved by choosing the possibility in which the most models can be killed. The book itself is mainly an artbook for my friends band "Debauchery" and the game rules are bonus.
Here are some page shots for you to get an impression. It's full of gore and girls. If you are interested you can order it here for the fair price of 10€.