Friday, September 19, 2014

And now: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Long time no see. Been buys with... I don't know stuff?
Me and my girl been to Scotland and it was awesome. Unfortunately we had a lot fo rain which wasn't good because of camping but we truly enjoyed the time though. I especially liked Edinburgh, Oban and of course all the nature with no human and just mountains, green and sheep. Last but not least Staffa was a fantastic experience and perfectly for proposing to my girl. Yeah we got enganged and gonna marry next year.
Hobby related I didn't do a damn thing for quite a long time. I managed start a group of roleplayers for warhammer fantasy roleplay. We're playing 1st edition and I collected a lot of adventures for that through several communities. Unfortunately it's quite difficult to get a grip on the Enemy Within books in german and so I'm still missing "Death on the Reik" but I think someday I will be lucky on ebay. We're quite a big group with six players and a GM but I guess some of them will vanish soon enough. The group consists of a Halfing Footpad, a Halfling Noble, a Elven Hunter, a Human Sorcerers Apprentice, a Dwarfen Troll Slayer and a Human Warpriest of Sigmar. We played the Oldenhaller contract adventure and two others from a german fan who made some on his own. Means we had four evenings of playing until now and next week we start with "Lichemaster" after which the first part of "The Enemy Within" will start. We'll see how many of the six players remain until then. Maybe I get to paint something again during the next two weeks because I have holidays. It's at least my plan to do so.