Friday, August 7, 2009

More stuff to work with

Life is good. Sun is shining, holidays since today and the last order arrived today. Finally I got myself some Vallejo pigments and some fantastic stuff for my gaming board. As you can see in the pic I got some furniture for the houses I build.

Additionally I got four more sheets of 10mm foamboard. At work they were going to trash them so I rescued them and took them home. Let the building begin...
I love holidays...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is a good day!

I'm just pleased how everything goes. 3 days to holiday and all preperations are going well.
Just got the PVA, some cardboard, knives, the styrene rods and the foamboard today. SoI'm well prepared for holidays to build at least the first half of my gaming table. The wooden tiles are ready too (not on the pic). So next week there will be lot more progress.

Fallen Leaves

I always didn't like those model trees that are usually available out there. I dreamed of branches with some spare leaves on it. Also I wanted some leaves on some of my bases. So I looked around and found several offers of manufacturers that were all not really what I wanted. So days gone by.
Last Saturday I opened up the window in my kitchen and lots of seed flew inside and I got some kind of upset cleaning my floor again and again from those nasty little thingies. I was curious from where those things came and it turned out that those seeds come from the Birches that are in front of my house what is kind of obvious, but hey it was Saturday morning. So if any of you wants to have some decent looking leaves for any use, here's a little tutorial.

1. Find a Birch

Friday, July 31, 2009

Old School Mini Contest @ GWpertinent

As I looked for new posts over at FTW I found a Old school Mini contest over at GWpertinent. I instantly fell in Love with that idea. I started playing in the early 90's but have a lot of really really old school models. Sadly I bought most of them late and never got the time to paint them, expect those 2nd edition plastic Marines from the 40K startebox and some old plastic eldar warrior. The plastic guys are anywhere in box on the attic. Then I remembered the Slaanesh Renegade I have used in one of our earlier Necromunda game. Well so I took my cam and entered the pic of him. Hope to see some cool old school stuff at the end of the contest. I still have to laugh out loud when taking looks at my minis I have painted back in those days.

So everybody out there join this! You can even win a prize.

Here is the link and my entered Mini.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They are coming for me!

Who wouldn't fear those creatures? Mainly because they are made from your own nightmares and guilt feelings. Oh and they are hunting you to torture you eternally. I love them!
So this it is my Armylist, it’s the 40K version but in Fantasy it’s mostly the same. The brackets are the “count as” units. They are not fixed so if I want to play an army only with Bloodletter then all are “count as Bloodletter”. I originally thought about the monsters of Silent Hill and what they could be in the Warhammer world. So the list below came together. It's not the best combination but I'm more into background relating the army than making the ultimate winning army. I just want to see my little friends staggling over the battlefield to make somebody suffer. Daemons just wanna have fun!
For 40K it’s about 2500 points and for fantasy about 3000 points.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Interlude 1

I finally got this Blog up to date. At least one thing because I didn't get any further with my Daemons. The Nurses are still laying around. The last Sniffer Dog is still waiting for his step-by-step painting tutorial and many many other parts of the army are still in progress but untouched since weeks or even months. Unfortunately I won't get anything done in the next days. This week is full of dates that won't let me get to the hobby, perhaps I find some spare time at the weekend or at least in 2 weeks when I'm in holidays.
Maybe I post my planned armylists in between.

The "Beta" Nurse

As told in the last Post I thought about using Escher models for the Nurses. Her is a Nurse made form a Escher Juve. I was quite satisfied with the model itself but the paintjob is a little... strange. Can't exactly say why...

Nurses pt.1.1 - Building

They had to be in the Army. So I made my thoughts about how to do them. Here are the templates.

Silent Hill Burger pt.1.1 - Building

As mentioned before I planned a Restaurant. I think I either name it "Happy Burger" like in the game or name it "Silent Hill Burger". Keep it authentic or make something new? I don't know by now. However here are the pics.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Living House pt.1.2 - Building

This is the second try in building a living house and this worked pretty well. On this pic you see the differences to the first try. A you can see I made the whole thing wider and longer. Also I added a terrace to the entrance.

Living House pt.1.1 - Building

This is the first test building I made with the first city plan. This is one of the reasons why I had to change my plans.

Planning the City (gaming table)

As I explained in the first post I am going to build a gaming table that fits in theme to my army. I played a lot of SH2 and SH3 to get more informations about hte looks of the buildings and then I thought about what kind of buildings I want to have in my city later. I decided to go with 6 living with 2 floors each, a Gas station, a Grocery, a Restaurant and as center pieces the Achemilla Hospital with all 4 floors and the Blue Creek Appartments with all 3 floors. This is a really big plan since I want to build the city with complete interior and street lights. I also think about adding fog generators to fill the complete city with fog. Would be great to play in the dark in a city with only the street lights on and overwhelmed with fog.


This is a Groupshot I made before finishing the Sniffer Dogs. Except of the white Background the whole look comes along nicely.

Sniffer Dogs pt.2 - Painting

It took me a lot of time to find the fur colour I wanted. I finally came up with this painting style.

Sniffer Dogs pt.1 - Building

I needed a fast choice for my army, some Fleshhounds and what suits that more than Sniffer Dogs? Here is how they look in the game.

Mary Sunderland / Maria pt.2 - Painting

I wanted a simple paintjob. A rusty cage and a woman in a worn out dress.
First of all the primed one.

Mary Sunderland / Maria pt.1 - Building

The last personality that I wanted to have was Mary/Maria. That caged Beast fits alsmost perfect in an daemon army and will count as Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin. In the game she looks like this.

Pendulums pt.2 - Painting

Painted them very fleshy with a basecoat of Vallejo Dark Rust and GW Red Gore. After that the usual skin paint with GW Dwarf Flesh and GW Elf Flesh. I think they have become fantastic.

Pendulums pt.1 - Building

Next Monsters on my list were the Pendulums. Cause I love how they look and Gargoyles are a good choice in a Daemon army. So first the template.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walter Sullivan pt.2 - Painting

Again no PIP pics here. Just the completed version. Also used blue here for his coat.
Just eyes are undone. But I'm feared to mess it up so I leave this for later.

Walter Sullivan pt.1 - Building

The next personality I wanted to have in my Army should be Walter and he suits a Herald of Khorne quite good. So I got this model (together with that for Alessa). This model is also from Hasslefree and is called "Harby".

Numb Bodies pt.2 - Painting

The Numb Bodies were a little tricky to do. Not only because they are white but you can see those veins under their thin skin. I decided to paint them white first, do the details and veins and then paint them again with a watered down white again so it looks like thin skin. Worked pretty well.

Numb Bodies pt.1 - Building

So the second choice were the Numb Bodies. Liked them very much in SH3 so I had to make them. First of all the template.

Mannequins pt.2 - Painting

I tried to paint them like puppets and think i've gotten very close. I'm satisfied with them.

Mannequins pt.1 - Building

I choose them to be the first unit of Monsters I build because they are very easy to do.
Just glue a torso onto another and that's it. Here you see the template. Later they will count as Plaguebearer.

Alessa Gillespie pt.2 - Painting

I went for a school uniform paint style and choose blue for colour. Why? I don't know but it seemed the right colour to me. I have no paint-in-progress pics. So here is the result.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alessa Gillespie pt.1 - Building

The second personality I was thinkin about was of course Alessa Gillespie. What could be a cooler model for a Herald of Slaanesh than a little Girl. So I looked around and found this Beauty.

Pyramid Head pt.2 - Painting

After getting some skills in painting rust I started to paint my Pyramid Head.

Some painting tests

I wanted to paint Pyramid Head rusty, but I never painted rust before. So I just asked some guys on WIP Forum for help. Here is what I came up with.

Pyramid Head pt.1 - Building

First of all I absolutely wanted Pyramid Head as a Daemon Prince in my Army. Beacause Pyramid Head is THE monster you get in mind when you hear "Silent Hill" and of course he is what a Daemon Prine has to be: a dirty and mean looking bastard with a huge weapon. He has no face what makes him appear even scarier. If you look at those pics you'll understand what I mean.


Since I am big Fan of the Silent Hill Games and comics and I play Warhammer for about 12 years I decided it was time to raise an Silent Hill Daemon Army. The release of the new Chaos Daemon Codex/Armybook just gave me the final kick to get up to this.
So I thought, bought, hacked and sculpted to make the original designs into some models.
The Army will be playable in Fantasy and 40K or course and as if that is not enough I decided to built a gaming table in the look of Silent Hill. So it will be a City Fight table with a lot of buildings including Living Houses, A Gas station, a burger and the Achemilla Hospital.
All this sounds pretty nice but is a lot of hard work. Let's see if I get this done.