Friday, June 28, 2013

CARNAGE - Burn them! Burn them all!

Had another Carnage game yesterday evening. Second game of the campaign we're playing. It was again loads of fun and again the girls where with us. Below you can read some background for the campaign.

Friday, June 21, 2013

CARNAGE! - Return of the Killing

So I had my first game this year. Yes I didn't play tabletop more than half a year. Had two games of  Call of Cthulhu but that's it (more about Cthulhu in a later post probably. Just so much: It's fecking awesome).
It was a pretty good game and we also had some guests. First of all a guy I met via an online community for gamers joined the game for testing and pretty much liked it. But the awesome part of yesterdays game was that not only my girlfriend but also my pals girlfriend joined us. They weren't as bored as I expected, they even enjoyed moving the little puppets around and killing anything that crossed their ways. Guess we have a gaming group now. With girls. And benefits.
Also managed to take a snapshot during the game. It's not the best quality but I captures the atmosphere. Half of our group died during the game but with fun and style.

In August the second Carnage book will be released. I will be giving you some sneak peeks as I already have one. It features the last armies (Dragons, Vampires and the Reich) and comes with skirmish roleplay style murdersquad rules. Also I will give you some background stuff from Carnage to maybe hook you up with the game. ; )
So that's it for today. Maybe I get some more posts this month but I won't bet on it. So long.