Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bunker Board Project pt.3.5 - last steps

I had a painting high yesterday and so I finished the remaining Bunker Board tiles in about 2 hours. This is great because now I am finished but it's also unhappy as I wanted to make some tutorial... But now it's too late to change and I am happy that I finished them. They look great and now I have time to get back to my Silent Hill Game board and finish this up. But for now some pics of the Bunker tiles with a little explanation.

The finished tutorial tile. After adding the rust I painted the wooden boards on the walls and the floor wit GW Snakebite Leather and added a Black wash to the dents in them. Afterwards I added the algae/moss with Vallejo Medium Olive and that's it.

 A detailed look at the wooden boards on the wall.

These are all seven Bunker tiles I finished within my high.

 All sixteen tiles in one of the many combinations you can do with them. Unfortuneately the pic is a little blurry... tomorrow I get a new Camera if everything works the way I planned. That means better pics in the future.

I am very glad I got this finished and have to say it looks great for me. Now I just have to finish the doors and maybe add some propaganda posters. Also the glas tanks are something I still have to finish.

In addition I finished the last of the Sniffer Dogs but that's not worth a pic. He just looks like those. And I got an email from GW yesterday that my Dreadknight is on his way to me and guess what? It all worked with the online voucher! So no rant for GW this time. I am sooo glad. Also ordered a bottle of Tamyia Clear red to try this all favoured blood effects with it.

Next up to do for me are two models waiting on my painting table (which ones are a little secret) and as soon as I get him, building and converting my Dreadknight. So stay tuned, because a lot of pics are coming soon.


  1. That's a great board, really bloody excellent.

  2. That's massive! It's actually even more fearsome for the number of tiles. The size gives it more the sense of a labyrinth, dark and dank with things lurking deep within. The various kinds of detailing add a lot of character and make it feel more real, especially the wood, the bare rock and the pipes. The tanks would make a good objective.

    I'm glad there's no need for the rant too!

  3. that is amazing, so much work! very impressed :)