Friday, May 15, 2009

Alessa Gillespie pt.1 - Building

The second personality I was thinkin about was of course Alessa Gillespie. What could be a cooler model for a Herald of Slaanesh than a little Girl. So I looked around and found this Beauty.

Pyramid Head pt.2 - Painting

After getting some skills in painting rust I started to paint my Pyramid Head.

Some painting tests

I wanted to paint Pyramid Head rusty, but I never painted rust before. So I just asked some guys on WIP Forum for help. Here is what I came up with.

Pyramid Head pt.1 - Building

First of all I absolutely wanted Pyramid Head as a Daemon Prince in my Army. Beacause Pyramid Head is THE monster you get in mind when you hear "Silent Hill" and of course he is what a Daemon Prine has to be: a dirty and mean looking bastard with a huge weapon. He has no face what makes him appear even scarier. If you look at those pics you'll understand what I mean.


Since I am big Fan of the Silent Hill Games and comics and I play Warhammer for about 12 years I decided it was time to raise an Silent Hill Daemon Army. The release of the new Chaos Daemon Codex/Armybook just gave me the final kick to get up to this.
So I thought, bought, hacked and sculpted to make the original designs into some models.
The Army will be playable in Fantasy and 40K or course and as if that is not enough I decided to built a gaming table in the look of Silent Hill. So it will be a City Fight table with a lot of buildings including Living Houses, A Gas station, a burger and the Achemilla Hospital.
All this sounds pretty nice but is a lot of hard work. Let's see if I get this done.