Friday, May 15, 2009

Pyramid Head pt.1 - Building

First of all I absolutely wanted Pyramid Head as a Daemon Prince in my Army. Beacause Pyramid Head is THE monster you get in mind when you hear "Silent Hill" and of course he is what a Daemon Prine has to be: a dirty and mean looking bastard with a huge weapon. He has no face what makes him appear even scarier. If you look at those pics you'll understand what I mean.

So I searched for a suitable model. I finally found one in a Undead Giant model on ebay and bought it right away. This is how the basic model looked like.

After the first cuttin and plastcard session he looked like this. I think we're gettin closer.

First GS part contained the filling of the gaps on his Head and the Flesh skirt.

Followed by making the sword.

And finally I made some damage onto his head with a dremel tool. Mainly I did it to break up the flat and clean surface.

Now he was ready for paint job.

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