Friday, January 21, 2011

Bunker Board Project pt.2.3 - Final touch ups

So it's been a while but I have to say real life was stressful these days. Finally got some pics from the final touches I did on the first nine tiles of the Bunder Board. ...but they are not really finished as is still haven't realized those tanks. Still don't know how to do them, maybe some of you have a idea?

Now without any further ado the pics

 I painted all the cables...

...and the skull piles...

...then I though about painting blood spills on all walls but instead decided to just add one little bloody detail...


...I think this is my favourite detail till now. ; )


  1. True. Maybe I add some more Bunker style markings on the walls...

  2. If the wall texture makes painting markings tricky, you could make up some signs from card or plasticard, paint the markings on those, then attach them.

    You could paint the tanks in a colour you don't have, like chipped blue paint, or yellow and black hazard lines.

    If you have time, can find some water effect liquid, and like the idea, you could even add puddles to the floor or make sections of the board look flooded.

  3. I added some water effect one one or two tiles but the Depron just soaked the liquid off, so I took some PVA glue that came out not that well because it has a white milky colour. A friend told me about some water effect wax, I guess I'll try this even for filling those tanks containing some human body parts or something similar. Blue colour as contrast is a very good idea guess I'll try that.
    For the markings I have some stuff from electronic connetcors with numbers on it which I think about using for room or section numbers and additionally I thought about printing some Propaganda Posters and spread them in the Bunker.
    Thanks for your ideas Porky!