Thursday, February 24, 2011

Structure Sauce

A few days ago there was a question on a forum where somebody asked how to make sure that sand doesn't drop off your terrain and so I wanna show today how I make my structure sauce for terrain parts. It's a very solid mixture and till now all terrain parts I did didn't loose even a single grain of sand.

This is the final structure sauce. Doesn't looks that delicious but for terrain building it's perfect.

 First you take some white glue and mix it with paint. The colour of the paint depends on your destinated usage of the structure sauce. I took black because it's meant for a stone texture. The mixture ratio is 50/50.

Then just add some sand. Choose a graining you want. For my sauce I took very fine sand.
Keep on adding sand until the sauce gets grainy (just like in the first picture).
Voila! Your stucture sauce is ready to serve.

What's your recipe for a good structured terrain piece?


  1. Thanks for sharing this technique! I've got a number of terrain pieces ready for detailing on which I believe your structure sauce would work perfectly, thank you!

  2. Well I don't have one after reading your's.Thanks for that.