Friday, March 18, 2011

Urien Rakarth - why no chainsaw?

So finally I got my birthday present painted that had been laying around for about 4 months. I like the new model of Urien Rakarth a lot (except he has no chainsaw) and kept my rust/flesh painting scheme like on the other two models I painted lately to make them look fitting together. Already used the him in his first battle yesterday and well... he died early and not as spectacular as I wished but he looked awesome for the time he was on the table.

Next work is waiting with two more models on the working table and the Burned Alessa on the painting table. Also there is a Arachnarok spider waiting to get assembled, converted and painted but that has to wait until the other three models are finished.


  1. He is really bloody well done, very nice.

  2. Thanks man,
    again those pics don't do the model justice... really got to get a new camera

  3. Great looking model, especially the dirty leather look of the cape caught my eye ...