Thursday, December 8, 2011


I finally got the add-on rules for our zombie roleplay together and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.
We use the Warhammer roleplay rules (1st Edition) as a basic and I only made minor changes like that there is no other race than human, which is obvious because the game takes place in the near future: 2014.
First thing to do was to adapt the charcter creating process.
The career classes got adapted to our actual world. Then all characters had a fair chance on having actual world skills like writing/reading for different languages, driving cars/trucks/motorcycles. Nowadays it's much more usual that a human has this skills than in a fantasy world I think. Finally the starting equipment for each character had to be modified.
Next step was to adapt the close combat weaponry. Most of the fantasy stuff got removed (halberds, lances, etc.) and was replaced by stuff that is used nowadays (knuckle dusters, chainsaw!!!, etc.)
A more difficult part was to adapt the armoury. In a fantasy world you walk around in chainmail and plate armour but what's available today? I settled on kevlar supported motorcycle outfits, bulletproof wests, and similar.
For shooting weapons I decided to use parts of another system as the one provided by the Warhammer roleplay ruleset. I fused it with the shooting rules from the Inquisitor game and invented a lot of shooting weapons from a Revovler, Semi-automatic, Uzi, Shotgun, Assault rifle up to a Machinegun. Each weapon has a clip size and an Shooting rate. This means some weapons are able to shoot more than once per action. Each weapon also takes different time to reload.
Finally I took the rules for the Zombie from Warhammer roleplay and created some more types of Zombies so it won't get too boring during time. We got the basic Zombie, the fatty Zombie, the quick Zombie (like in 28 days later), the radioactive Zombie (like in fallout 3), Zombie cattle and of course the Zombie dogs.
I also created rules for attracting Zombies with Noise. Think this will be quite a fun because players have to choose if they want to shoot their weapons or risk close combat with the Zombies.
Finally I made rules for radiation sickness and of course the Zombie disease. The last one is quite deadly... who would have guessed that? Once infected there is no cure, you only have the opportunity to cut of the body part that holds the wounding.

So that's all for the rules. If anyone wants to know further details just shoot.
Our gaming group consists of 5 persons, 4 players and one Gamemaster. For the first adventure I will be the Gamemaster and I'm working on a pretty nice one but I will let you know the details if it's ready. I'm also going to post some background infos on the whole setting as soon as I translated it to english.



  1. Sounds good, sounds like a heavy metal band with that name as well but zombie cattle?

  2. Zombie cattle is for fun purposes as well as Zombie rabbits, Zombie squirrels, Zombie horses and all this stuff. What could be more terrifying than a horde of Zombie rabbits? They're deadly on the one hand but so damn cute on the other.
    And I just love the killer rabbit scene from "Monthy Python and the Holy Grail"

  3. Sounds good and extremely dangerous!!