Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

Mike Mayhem got his first coat of rust colour. I'm a little unhappy with the mechanical arms as I didn't model welding lines on the round joints. I'm still undecided if I leave it like it is or if I add them and re-do the first coats of colour as long as there aren't too many to do it.

The Todbringer are in a little further stage. On the right you see rust finished and masking fluid added and the left one already got his coat of grey.

Today there won't be any modeling, well obviously, but I already started writing a post about our first ZombieHammer session last friday. Since it's a lot of writing and translating it will take some more time until I get it finished. So long be good to your girl today and

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. He's a stunning creation, have a good one Oli.....

  2. Looks great buddy!
    Care to share your rust secret? Experimenting with it myself, but haven't had good results yet.

    1. Thanks.
      It took me a while to get some decent results too. My first tries were like this


      but now I'm doing it a little bit different:
      - black basecoat
      - paint with Vallejo light rust
      - stipple Vallejo dark rust
      - stipple with GW Boltgun Metal
      - wash it with GW Flesh Wash
      - stipple again with Vallejo light rust
      - add Vallejo Pigment Burnt Siena
      - add Vallejo Pigment Dark Red Ocre

      that's basically it for the complete recipe. I don't know for an exchange for Flesh Wash as it's no longer available but I think watered down Devlan Mud or Ogre Flesh would do also. Maybe I do a pictured step-by-step tutorial one day, but that could take some time ; )

  3. Thanks buddy!
    I'll try that on my 6mm army ... curious if it will work

    1. No problem. I think it could get tricky with the small models but I'm looking forward to your results.