Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Horrors

I'm back in less than five months. Who would have thought that?
An right on time for Halloween I managed to get some models painted up. First up I finished these three as I call them Siamese. I still think they miss something even if it's just painted eyes but I'm not good at that.


And I finished one of the most awesome models I own. This little bugger here. Still lacking a name but everytime I look at him the word "sausage" comes to my mind. Enjoy him in all his twisted glory. Still have further three brothers of him to do.


Also we had another game of Carnage yesterday with another friend to get him into it. He had fun so maybe he now is infected. Time will tell.
That's all folks. Enjoy Halloween evening. I'm going out with some friends dressed up as my version of "The Crow". Maybe I get you some pics of that.



  1. oooh those are quite mutated. Did you kitbash them or are they manufactured?

    1. Those are actually manufactured models.

      The "Siamese" are originally called "Glom" and are from Reapers "Deadlands" Range and the "Blob" thingie is from the "Helldorado" Game and originally named "Démon de chair"