Friday, March 22, 2013

ATZ and me

So I got my hands on All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out these days. First of all because I like Zombies, and second because it's a game you can play alone. This may seem a little sad and weird but since I have no one around that is willing to play with me I have no choice to get my fix in any other way.
No pity needed I'm fine with that.
I'm half way through the book and it's pretty aweseome so far. Very different from what I have played in the past but in a good refreshing way. The thing I like probably the best are the many tables to roll on. I like rolling on tables. Randomness for the win!

I already painted some models up for playing the game. The survivors have a new member: me.
The model is from Hasslefree and is named "Zombie-hunter Kev" which comes with three weapon options: Fire axe, Pistol and Katana. I probably buy the model again to build a pistol armed version of me.
Painted his clothes in colours that really are laying in my closet.

Now I have to paint some Zombies and finish some parts of my city to start the zombie apocalypse.


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