Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More Zed's

Got the next ten Zombies done. Basically they look the same as the first ten GW Zombies I already did with some added stuff to make some of them kind of special. First the normals.

And here come the "special" ones. Okay only four of them are conversions. Got some inspiration from Zabadaks mentioned Cold War Minis sets. I especially like the Punk dude but am only half pleased with the burning one. Didn't came out as I imagined but it's okay I guess.

Finally got my order of Wargames Factory models; a box of Zombies, Zombie Vixen and Male Survivors. With the additional four Hasslefree Survivor models I now got 100 models to do. Damn.
I think I will start with some of the female Zombies and I defineteley will make a Zombie kid out of one of those Survivor boys.