Friday, June 28, 2013

CARNAGE - Burn them! Burn them all!

Had another Carnage game yesterday evening. Second game of the campaign we're playing. It was again loads of fun and again the girls where with us. Below you can read some background for the campaign.

Took a picture again so you can get an idea what was going on. Our models are on the left side of the cars. The rest are undead.

The Story:
Survivors of the Assault on the Reich Fortress "Sword of the Southern Cross" in Maputo have taken hostage by a local Band of Brotherhood Gangers. Unfortunately noone is safe from the dark powers of the Hellgate that the Assault opened and the daemonic entities that enter through that gate make sure noone stays dead. The reanimated corpses of the fallen shamble through the land killing any living thing that crosses their way.
The survivors manage to struggle free during an assault of the undead that kills all members of the Brotherhood Gang, but not all reach safety. All except two of the survivor group get killed by the undead and now their bodies are also part of the evergrowing legion. They barricade inside a old grocery store while the undead summon outside around the building. There seems no escape until Lord Inquisitor Theodin arrives with his small group of stuck together warband of enslaved Vampires and human elite soldiers. Armed with flamers and various other assault weapons they manage to set the survivors free but it seems that the sounds of gunfire attracts more and more of those undead hordes. But where do they come from so suddenly? Theodin is a Lord Inquisitor and therefore he has powers. With others of kind and some mighty artifacts he was able to create small hellgate that held long enough to transport him and his warband into Maputo to fulfill his mission. He has to close the Hellgate. So his way led him to the survivors that are unkwongly sitting above an entrance to a tunnel system that leads to the docks where they have to get an motorboat to get to one of the leftover battleships that lay a little outside the bay. With one of the huge battelcannons on those ships he has to make a breach into the massive wall that stands between two mountains and encloses a small valley containing a monastery that still withstands the undead assault. They let nobody in and the massive gate is sealed and protected by holy seals against supernatural powers. Inside the monastery he will find what he needs so close the Hellgate. It's not a weapon or a relic. It's the nuns. To close the Hellgate you have to free a truely innocent soul. So he has to take the virgin nuns of the monastery and bring them to the eye of the Hellgate so they can give the biggest sacrifice: Their undying soul. It will be damned forever as the Hellgate will suck it into Hell to suffer cruel agony and eternal damnation. Well at least that's the plan. Usually noone survives long around a Hellgate and the brutal bloodshed that comes with it.

With finishing game two we entered the tunnels. Next is to get to the docks and capture a motorboat.

Also my girl has painted her first models: Two Zombies for training and now she works on a survivor model. Gonna show you pictures as soon as we get some sun here.



  1. Great prose and batrep Oli, bring more on!

  2. Now, looking at the photo, I think I'm beginning to understand why it's called carnage.

    I like the fluff too.