Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Khorne Beastman

Hello together. Hope you did well over the holidays and startet the new year with a bang. I've been pretty busy during that time you know with all that family stuff and then there was the new years party I organized with my girl. It was awesome. Had a themed party with super heroes and super villains. I was He-Man. Maybe I'll show you a pic of me in my costume. During that time I had no time to do blogging but I finished this Beastman during Old School December so it's basically still a pretty belated post. Who cares? So here he is. The shield is not as awesome than the one from the Chaos Warrior but I think it fits him nicely.

Pic from the back is a little blurry, sorry for that. Let's see what's up next. I still haven't decided which of my old school models I'll do next but until that I have still some Zeds on my desk.


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