Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Scotland is a go!

So still no model related stuff. Still in kind of move-in-and-holiday-planning stress. The only thing that I had the last weeks to fix my geek need was my Call of Cthulhu RPG group.
BUT as the title reads Scotland is a go. On monday the plane is leaving and then there will be two weeks of pure rental car camping fun. The route is Edinburgh - Falkirk - Perth - Dufftown - Inverness - Ullapool - Skye - Oban (- Isle of Mull - Staffa) - Glasgow - and back to Edinburgh. Hopefully I get back to my working desk after that time because I have such an itch in my fingers.
If there's anybody out there resident in Scotland and out for a Pint or two during the next two weeks give me a heads up and we'll surely have them.

So long my friends allons y!

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