Monday, March 23, 2015

Palanquin of Nurgle

This is one of my most favourite models of the range. It was sitting on my painting desk for quite a while since I didn't know how to paint the several parts and I always was afraid start painting it because it's so massive.

OK it's not that massive but a lot to paint for me and I know me; I start it and leave it half way through. So I with my new "one model per week" thing I treated each part as a separate model and that's the way I finally finished it. It took me three weeks to complete it and the only downside on this beauty is the fact that it misses the two banner poles on the back that didn't came with it when I bought it. But I'm happy nevertheless.
I have the fear that my plan on one model per week is slipping. While I have been 3 or 4 models ahead of my schedule, I'm now just only one ahead. Let's see how long I will make it.



  1. love the different colours of the nurglings!
    "rusty metals, and dirty robes,
    thats how papa nurgle rolls!"

  2. Thanks. I first was a little unsure but everything was colourful in the old days and it came out great. Seems to fit the nature of the Nurglings and I just found about 8 swarm bases of them laying around...