Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post No.200 - Blast from the Past

For my 200th post I decided to do a little special and dug out my first ever painted Warhammer models. Those are the snapfit Marines from the 2nd edition 40K Box.

Those were the first models I ever bought and painted. I didn't do any drybrushing or washing back then. Just a littel on the bases. Oh the goblin green bases. But the squad is complete with decals for squad markings that go with canon. If I recall everything right they are 4th Squad of 3rd company. The white drop on right shoulder is company and right knee is squad marking. Don't remember the meaning of the flash on the leg. I also still have all the other models from the box. Thought about selling them but they are so full of nostalgia that I just can't do it. Still remember when me and my brother were plaing the scenarios from the included book on the blue carpet of our room.
*Sigh* All those memories.


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