Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fallen Leaves

I always didn't like those model trees that are usually available out there. I dreamed of branches with some spare leaves on it. Also I wanted some leaves on some of my bases. So I looked around and found several offers of manufacturers that were all not really what I wanted. So days gone by.
Last Saturday I opened up the window in my kitchen and lots of seed flew inside and I got some kind of upset cleaning my floor again and again from those nasty little thingies. I was curious from where those things came and it turned out that those seeds come from the Birches that are in front of my house what is kind of obvious, but hey it was Saturday morning. So if any of you wants to have some decent looking leaves for any use, here's a little tutorial.

1. Find a Birch

2. Grab some of those seed vessels

3. Rip them apart

4. Sort the good stuff out
(Be aware that you don't breath into the seeds, cause they easily fly around)

now you have some great leaves for modelling and basing.

p.s. nearly forgot a scale shot

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