Friday, July 31, 2009

Old School Mini Contest @ GWpertinent

As I looked for new posts over at FTW I found a Old school Mini contest over at GWpertinent. I instantly fell in Love with that idea. I started playing in the early 90's but have a lot of really really old school models. Sadly I bought most of them late and never got the time to paint them, expect those 2nd edition plastic Marines from the 40K startebox and some old plastic eldar warrior. The plastic guys are anywhere in box on the attic. Then I remembered the Slaanesh Renegade I have used in one of our earlier Necromunda game. Well so I took my cam and entered the pic of him. Hope to see some cool old school stuff at the end of the contest. I still have to laugh out loud when taking looks at my minis I have painted back in those days.

So everybody out there join this! You can even win a prize.

Here is the link and my entered Mini.

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