Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I promised to take you there again someday but I never did ...until now

Yes I know I'm nerdy quoting Mary's letter to James from Silent Hill 2 but hey I love that game. After finishing my bunker board I now have some new skills and techniques so I can go on with my Silent Hill gaming board. I started this a looooong time ago, I think it was in 2008 and I got as usually lazy and as there showed up some technical problems later I just took everythink and stored in a box out of sight. But I never gave up this project and worked on smaller pieces of it. Like the models and this city sign.

Here you have two little pictures (also about a year old) showing my progress at this time including some models for size. I will go through all my builds and do some progress posts for all of them as soon as I took some new pictures. I think I'll start with the roads as I had the biggest problems with them. Sounds weird but it's true.

Also my Dreadknight didn't arrive until now, and the E-Mail from GW saying it's been on it's way is a week old now... maybe I was too fast saying there's no rant for GW this time...


  1. Awaiting your Silent Hill developemnts with great interest.

  2. Me too. This is a very special terrain project.

  3. Me three :-)
    Ever since learning of your plans to build the town I'm hoping to see pics of it!

    Keep up the work even if it gets difficult, the reward will be great!!