Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've been as lazy as a man can be

I've done nearly nothing in the past four weeks except for basecoating the first few Zombies. I mainly was relaxing and enjoying the weather. I finished reading Fatherland by Robert Harris. The Book was a great read and I only can recommend it. I've also finished Assassins Creed 2, is my first game which I have completed with 100% trophies.

The problem was that I had to tidy up my working place because I needed the room on my dining table and so all to-do models are still laying in a box under my painting desk waiting for further progress. 
So what's up now? Well I have another idead for a model. I will take a Renegade Ogryn from Forge World and add two more arms to him (probably mechanical ones), some guns and a chainsaw of course. This will be my motivation kick to get me back to the Zombies. And Bob is also still waiting...
By the way: The "Paint or Pay" Project didn't start yet because my buddies and I have some disagreement on terms as some just want to include NPC's and no player character models. I guess I just start it on my own.

Hope I get back to a more regular modeling and posting. Cheers.


  1. No problem Oli, I just got the Fatherland movie from a friend and hope to watch it this weekend.

  2. Damn I'm jealous. It's hard to get it around here.

  3. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our hobby. Not to worry, we are watrching you!!!