Friday, July 29, 2011

Dreadknight continues

So I've done some small progress on my Dreadknight besides playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

The crew compartment is closed and Greenstuffed now, just needs a little sanding and then a lot of detail work. Also he has weapon mounts on the shoulders now. They are made from arm parts and will be equipped with magnets so I can easily swap weapons.

And yes I filled those writings on the armour parts as I just don't like them at all. The only thing I am unsure about is how to cover the big empty part between his legs (Oh man I gotta resist doing a bad joke here)
So next up is filing the Greenstuff, detailing crew compartement, doing the arms, magnetizing weapon mounts and that's it.

Thanks for watching. Cheers!


  1. That's looking bloody great, I'd tell you to stop gaming but I'd be a hypocrite. Good work Oli.

  2. I like what you have done. I should probably get my done as well. Need to do as you and get the writing of, and then paint the sucker!!!

  3. Came across your blog via The Rising Sun and must say very nice conversions!!

    Will add you to my blog exchange and vice verse if you want?

    Look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

  4. Thanks for coming by Dude.
    Would already follow your blog if there was a follow button^^