Thursday, December 6, 2012

Distraction of the Day - Dishonored & Breakups

So I have been busy with several things. First of all I did some repainting on the Silent Hill Model Bases. Then there was the breakup with my girfriend, nothing dramatic just those "She's not the one" stuff and then there was Dishonored... I didn't got the time to take some pics of the repainted bases because... yeah because of what? It's winter and the lighting when I get home from work is most time so bad that all pics I take are looking like shit. So I went out with my dudes instead. Like Rod Steward said "I've been drinking again".

So what are my plans?
I'm traveling to LA at Saturday for a business trip for a week. So no modeling time but also no distraction with Dishonored or Assassins Creed.
Has anybody some tips for my stay in LA? Everything like Eating, Sightseeing or Hobby Bunker related.
After that week there is pre-christmas time so I think there will be also no time for modeling.
Oh did I mention that I ordered a copy of "strange aeons"? I'm pretty excited about this one since Cthulhu grew on me in the past months and the game and system look promising. Perhaps I make a mod for fighting Silent Hill monsters.
The bottom line is that I surely won't get to modeling until next year. Crap. Perhaps I get to take some pics of the repainted bases as a filler.



  1. No modeling until next year? That would be the death of me.

    1. Hehe I already survived 5 months without modeling this year so I think I will get another four weeks easily done. I also think it won't be completely without it, I'll surely slap some more paint on those bases to get all of them redone.

  2. I've got the COD2 monkey on my back, have a good LA trip though mate!

    1. Thanks Fran!
      I'm sure it will be a great time with a lot of eating, some sunshine and hopefully only a little bit of work^^
      Good luck to you with your monkey and beware: They like throwing poop around.