Monday, December 24, 2012

Silent Night

Before 2012 ends I have a small update. Managed to get all Bases redone and took some pics. Pics are bit dark but that's mainly because its winter.

Here are some closer shots.

And here you can see the redone Bases in a little more detail. I like it how they turn out and make all models fit together.

My week in LA was pretty awesome. A lot of sunshine, warm weather and good food. Here are some impressions...

And last but not least I got my copy of "Strange Aeons" and I must say I pretty much like it. Also got me some models from Westwind Production to resemble some Characters for the game. Looking forward to make a Silent Hill mod, which will not be that difficult but pretty cool to play.

So that's it for this year. I wish you all happy holidays and a good start into 2013.



  1. this is a fantastic project, just looked through all the silent hill stuff on here, it's brilliant. hope you have a goodtime over this festive period and that the coming year is a good one for you!

    1. Thanks!
      Had a really good time. Lot of good food.^^
      Hope you enjoyed the holidays as well.