Monday, July 8, 2013

That is not dead which can eternal lie

Some time ago I signed on a German page called "Spielerzentrale" (means something like Gamer Headquarter). It's a page where you fill out a profile with the games you play and for what game you are looking for other gamers in your area. With the help of this page I finally found a Call of Cthulhu gaming group around here! I already jumped in an already adventure they were playing and we all had much fun.
It's a bunch of four really fun guys that have a good sense of humor and gaming related they're more focussed on rolepay than on ruleplay what makes it easy and flowing to play. We got to know each other and I fit pretty good in the group, well at least I believe that because they invited me for further games and so we started a campaign last week that is called "On the Islands".

I'm not sure but I think it's a "Germany only" adventure book because it plays in Germany around the area of Hamburg and the North Sea.
I play Otto Herberts, 31 years old, a fisherman and sea bear. His family has ever been fishermen and his father Wilhelm has a fleet of three fishing cutters which he is planned to take over it the time arises. Otto is pretty strong and tough, attributes that grow with going to sea. Weather and hard work left his marks and so he is not the prettiest boy around but with his sailors yarn he is always able to attract some attention in the pubs. He and his friends he knows from playing skat, travel to Borkum for summer vacation. The times are good in Germany in 1923 and everybody has enough money. Mikel earns his money with his job as a mechanic for industrial machinery and Sven is a doctor.
On the ferry from Emden to Borkum they meet an old friend of Mikel he served with in the war. Konrad is his name and he is even more wealthier as the three of them. He has a coal mine and joins the three on their table in the warm summer sun on the sun deck of the ferry. They are drinking beer, joking and telling stories from the "good old days". Konrad invites the three to join him in the "North Sea Hotel" as he knows the manager pretty well and he owes him a favour. So when they finally arrive on Borkum the take the train to Borkum city and check in at the "North Sea Hotel" Each of them gets his own room with sea view. For free.
Konrad invites them also to join him and the owner of the hotel (forgot the name) for dinner. Dinner is highly noble and Otto feels a little misplaced in his fishermans clothes but nevertheless he points with his behaviour skills as he instantly picks the right cutlery (he ate fish. who would have thought that?). As he wanted to start eating his fish jumped from his plate onto his lap. The hotel owner gets pretty red and shouts angrily at this staff to bring instantly a new fish and excused the incident about 1000 times. Otto, funny as he is, just says that this would speak for the freshness of the food in the hotel restaurant and instantly the bad vibes in the air gets blown away by laughter.
After the dinner the three and Konrad go on a amusement cruiser where there is jazz, booze and girls. There they meet some friends of Konrad again. They get into a conversation and soon some girls come to their table listening to Otto telling stories from the big city Hamburg and the sea.
This is how far we came. I'm sorry I didn't write everything in detail or with atmosphere but since this was just the intro evenig into the campaign I guess it's not all too important since nothing really happened except for the fish incident. It was a good start to get the feeling into the setting and the atmopshere we are playing in. Had a lot of fun though. Our characters drank a lot and we had to take several constitution tests to see whether we faint or not. Needless to say we passed all of them masterly.

Bottles up!


  1. Glad to hear you fell in with like minded nutters my friend!

    1. Thanks dude. You dunno how glad I am.

  2. I've played CoC since the first edition(198x ?) and haven't come across that particular adventure, so I think you're right in thinking it's a German only one.

    Have fun and play nice with your new friends

    1. I just checked. This comes from the german publisher. We got 6th ed in german in 2011, 7 years after it got published from chaosium. In germany it's published by "Pegasus Spiele" and they do several adventure books on their own with the CoC licence.

      Till now it's a lot of fun, although nobody has tentacles yet.