Friday, July 12, 2013

CARNAGE - Run for your lives

Last game we went into the tunnels and so we continued yesterday with the tunnel game. It was basically a "run away" scenario because we got followed by a whole lot of Zombies. Pretty fast Zombies (World War Z anyone?)
First I have to say that I forgot to take some pics during the first two rounds so I can only show you the second half of the game. But it's not that big of a deal as the main things happened in the second half.

This was the gaming table. Not that wide but long. Perfectly for running away. We started on the side at the top of the pic and had to get to the side on the bottom. Doesn't sound that hard eh? But there were some difficulties installed within this game. First we got followed by 2D6 Zeds that enter the board behind us every turn and they are "World War Z" Zombies, means they move 10+2D6". In CARNAGE Humans can move 10" and additionally perform shooting and close combat but you can also choose to run which means you double your moving (20") but can't do anything more. So you see it's not that easy to get away from those buggers as they aren't easy to kill also and are able to infect you in close combat which instantly turns you into a Zed.
Second have been some Encounter markers that got placed around on the board. If you get within line of sight you roll for encounter. Could mean Survivors or Zeds. Third have been entry points on the sides about half way of the board. You make noise within 12" of them Zeds are coming.

Turn 1
As Theodin and his fellowship entered the tunnels and approached further into them they soon met the first group of shambling Zeds. They were in some kind of stasis and just standing around. Theodin advised to instantly burn them with the flamers to not make too much sound as he didn't want to attract more of those disgusting creatures. Though the light of the cleansing flames seemed to have attracted some more of them and the remaining fighters readied their weapons as some leftover brotherhood members came around the corner just to surrender and join the group to maximise their chances to get out of here alive. They advanced further always ready to meet those unholy basterds. In their total wariness during entering the half lighted tunnels they totally forgot about their pursuers but quickly got reminded as the first group of Zeds entered the tunnels through the same door as they did. A short second of nothing as the looks of the Zeds and the group met and then the Zeds attacked. Fast as hell they came up to them and charged. With just their teeth and claws they didn't get the chance to wound any of the group but they realized that this just was a matter time until they are enough to just walk over them.

Turn 2
Theodin advised his group to instantly move the fuck out of here and some of them just ran straigght forward depper into the tunnels and some had to fight their way through not getting that far. The Mortician just ran leaving all others far behind him. Seems he forgot that he had to protect Theodin for his own good and Theodin just did a note to himself to remember this stupid coward later what his duties are and what power he has over him. In his selfish behaviour of saving his own skin with running away the Mortician encountered another group of static Zeds. Means most of the group got trapped between a group of Zeds in the middle of the tunnels and the growing horde that approaches from the entrance doors.

Turn 3
The unavoidable happened. The group got caught between the Zeds. And this time it didn't went that well. Not only the two elite soldiers with the flamers got killed but also most of the survivors they met only some minutes ago. Theodin hacked his way through some Zeds and the male aristocrat vampire stood by his side defending him from further attacks. They got hit by the wave of Zeds. From now on it was going to get ugly. There was now time for yelling orders. Everyone just fought for his live and tried to get some distance between himself and the Zeds. The Mortician didn't give a shit about the other members of the group and even not about Theodin himself and still just ran further down the tunnels towards the exit.

Turn 4
The last guy with a flamer did his duty and wiped out a lot of the Zeds. This gave the others breach good enough to get further away from the Zeds. Also the male and the female aristocrat killed some Zeds in close combat to give Theodin a little more space. Unfortunately the remaining survivors they met during the last hours didn't had that much luck and just got killed by further approaching Zeds.

Turn 5
The Mortician went ahead with his selfish behaviour and left the tunnels through one of the exit doors. Leaving all of the group behind with doing nothing but encountering further Zeds that now stood between Theodins group and the exit. Fortunately they managed to get them some distance between themself and the pursuing horde just to face another that stands between them and the saving exit. Although the salvation seemed so close this was the time went things went totally fuck. They Zeds approached the group and even charged them. The male aristocrat, the last remaining human of the group and Theodin himself managed to kill five of the nine Zeds in close combat but the remaining four managed it to fail with their hellish instability, created an instability and warped into an abomination.

The abomniation screamed in hellish agony and instantly prepared to spit it's stomach acid towards the group of leftover survivors. Probably the mutation wasn't finished or the Zeds weren't good material but the abomination exploded during the attempt and the acid scattered around instantly melting the human and the leg of the male aristocrat so he died of blood loss.

After the abomination was gone Theodin took advantage of the fact that there were no Zeds behind and only a few before them and so they killed the last few Zeds between them and the exit and saved themselves out there closing the door behind them....

So that was it. It was a fun game. Unfortunately the humans with the flamers and male Aristocratwere my models so I left the game. Damn it was so close to the end. Unhappy results on rolling for the Zeds (abomination) and for the acid damage. First is to thank my buddy and second my girlfriend. She literlly killed me this time. Well sometimes things just go shit.
Here is a bonus pic that I like pretty much. In times of Zombie Danger you have to work together no matter what kind of stupid you are.

That's it for today.



  1. Very nice especially the terrain.

  2. I like it! Nice terrain and it sounds like a great game!!