Monday, June 1, 2015

Gene Simmons of Nurgle

After finishing my last Beastman I went through my old lead box and chose this guy as next one on my painting table.

Did another rusty Armour paint job as it's the most obvious for Nurgle. Also pustules. The only thing I'm a little unsatisfied with is the lilac tentacle hand. It came out a lot darker than I had in mind, but it's okay.
Since I'm out of Thugs and Beastmen there will be some more Champion models coming in the near future until that changes. Perhaps I paint Warriors as Thug stand ins but I don't know right now.



  1. Very Nurgle looking indeed. This is a great sculpt and you've done a good paint job. You will not have too wait too long for Thug reinforcements! They should arrive tomorrow.

    1. Thanks dude. I'm looking forward to their arrival. In fact there will be coming several reinforcements during the next days.