Friday, June 12, 2015

New Lead - Episode 3

This time with a massive bunch of new guys for my Oldhammer Warband. Got them from a trade with Jason over from  Rogue Heresy. He's a great guy and I only can recommend his blog and trading with him. Thanks again mate!

So my Thugs get reinfocment. And I have three more Beastmen. All devoted to Khorne. Man I love the one with the flail. It's such  great sculpt. Always wanted him and now I finally have him. Gotta keep him off the painting que until I have painted enough Thugs to rank up my Warband. So he will be my reward.



  1. I've traded with Jase about three times now and he really is a nice, decent fella. He has a great collection of Beastmen which I am quite envious of. I can't see in your new lead the thugs I sent you! Damn German postal strikes. Royal Mail would never do such a thing ;)

    1. Had my problems with Royal Mail also but you're right that strike is getting on my nerves. Hope those Thugs show up.