Monday, July 13, 2015

Chaos Thug - Lunkop Banesmite

So after a 4 week hiatus with pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding stuff I finally got back to the painting table again. 4 weeks means I'm 4 models behind my plannend schedule so I have to do at least 4 double weeks sometime. (I guess never)

It's the first of the lot I got from Jason and I love the moon on his helmet.
The good thing with the hot weather we had lately is that the paint dries pretty quick, but the bad thing is the paint dries pretty quick. It's a pro considered basecoating and washes and waiting time between layers or section and it's a con considered the consistence of the paint as it just dries on the brush. Overall it works out for me.



  1. Very nice model and paint job. I like your bases, a cheeky tuft here and there gives them a good look. Keep the models coming dude!

    1. Thanks dude. Try to keep them simple and within a chaos waste theme just as I want to do my board.