Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chaos Thug - Steel-Eye

Thug number six is ready for battle.

I got three more Thug models but will leave them for now as I want to do something different. Means Beastmen again as those are the models that appeal me most. Chaos Warriors and Champions have to wait as I also don't even need the models right now.
I have some other stuff on my desk but I save that for another time as it's not ready to be shown yet.



  1. Man, you love your Chaos Thugs. Good paint job dude. Very dark and sinister. I want to see you paint up next either the Citadel (Chicken) Dragon or Citadel Giant!

    Good luck with that ;)

    1. What can I do? They're basic troopers. I have to love them. guess the dark and sinister comes from the darkness of the picture itself. I mean he has blue pants with white stripes!
      Okay I paint them if you got a spare one for me. ;)