Monday, February 15, 2016

Beastman No.9

And here's the Beastman that I wanted to paint those 6 months ago but instead did the Minotaur. Looks like a little Minotaur with that head.


Also did another Shield for this one but with a little more design than the other Beastmen. Was just in the mood for painting an eye. After painting this shield it came to my mind that I didn't do any (battle) damage to any of the shields. Will do that for the next ones.



  1. Nice one Oli. He's a really cool mini and one that I saw go for £18 on ebay recently! Well too much me thinks. I really like the shield. Fancy painting about 50 for me? I loath painting shields!

    1. 18€? You have to be kidding me. That's just hilarious but I see often prices like that. Champion Models for 25€ are not that rare. Totally out of their minds.
      50 shields... could offer you 5-10 for starters. Your guys desperately need shields. If you want me doing it just shoot me a mail.