Monday, February 29, 2016

Reaper of Nurgle

Is anyone out there that knows the name of this Champion? I have no clue and my Google-Fu wasn't strong enough to beat this task.

For a Champion of Nurgle this one is fairly normal looking. The things that confuse me is how can he have visible horns if he has no head? Are they attached to the cloak? Who knows? That's how Nurgle rolls. Except of that there are no blisters or wounds or such. Pretty uncommon for a Nurgle Sorcerer.
Maybe that's why I like this one that much. Also: Devils Horns.



  1. Hello mate, I thought he was a Chaos Warrior rather than a Champion? I have been known to be wrong....from time to time! No name for this dude just 'Scythe'. That's all I could find. Nice paint job. Very Nurgle looking indeed.

    1. A man can't know everything. Even the Geek stuff. Thanks for the search and nice words dude.