Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cabin Fever

No I don't mean the movie. Although it's pretty cool too. I finished the driver cabin of the Dreadknight with a lot of bits, cutting and bleeding. I also finally found the perfect pre-setting for my camera and all the close up pics are pretty clear now.

Can someone list the used bits? It aren't that much but I think it looks good as it is now. Not too much and not too few.

Here's a further total shot. Still have no idea what to put between his legs... maye a big gun. Someone any ideas?

Tomorrow is my last working day and then I have 3 weeks holiday and I already arranged with SWMBO that I have some days hobby time but I have to go on some shopping tours in exchange...

Thanks for coming by. Prost.


  1. The art of negotiation in wargaming and modelling, how about a searchlight for between the legs, you know any scratch built model is not right without a bit of our DNA on it Oli.

  2. Dna on the model is a must!

    Looking pretty dan good there mate!!!