Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mike Mayhem is on the way

This is the first rough mock up for my Renegade Ogryn conversion. I first thought about using Minotaur or Troll arms as additionals for him but they were all wrong in size or style so I decided to do some mechanical ones like those on Haemonculis or Fabius Bile. Fortunately the Ogryn has some small holes in his back (for those small tank thingies) which I use to fit in the Arms.
Also replaced his axe with one of my all time loved chainsaw and added some small blades on the top to match the design of the model.

Two of the three additional arms will be armed with guns and the third will have a claw or similar. Still missing on the arms are all the little details like the pistons between the joints and the flesh fusing onto the body.

It's the fourth day of my holiday, I had no hobby time day and already have been to two shopping tours. The first took me to ikea... except of the breaksfast it was horrible and I just walked behind the SWMBO like a zombie drowned in my thoughts of what I will do next on my workbench.
The second tour was much better, because in all those girl shops you have at least something for the eye with all those girls around. And to satisfy my gaming addiction I bought "Alice: Madness Returns".

Let's see when I get my hobby time days... Cheers


  1. I love him and I feel your pain Oli.

  2. You survived IKEA! Well done mate!

    The miniature looks great, I like how your idea is coming along with him/it.