Monday, August 29, 2011

The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears

The Tears:
My three week holiday is over and I'm back at work. And because it is not enough that my desk got magically filled with work over this time I just realized that SWMBO tricked me. We have been four times shopping (two times to ikea and two for clothes) but I did not have a single hobby day!

The Sweat:
We had pretty hot temperatures around here the last few days. The good weather was perfect during my holidays but I didn't spend the amount of time outside that I wished because I had to take a shower every five hours or such to cool down and get rid of the sweaty smell. Fortunately it got colder last weekend. Actually it got that cold that I changed back from shorts and shirt to jeans and sweater.

The Blood:
Since I didn't do much hobby related during my holidays I decided to spent some time on it these days.
I had a new idea in my mind which grew last week during watching Hellraiser Inferno and Hellseeker. I first wondered if anybody has ever made some Hellraiser Cenobites for Wargaming and searched the Internet and finally found these and these on DakkaDakka. They look a little like Chatterer from Hellraiser and I pretty much liked the conversions. Since I had some Bloodletters laying around and the design of the conversions pretty much fits into my Silent Hill Daemon Army I decided to do some of these.
This is where the blood comes into play.
As I was cutting the Bloodletters into shape it happened as it always happens. I cutted into my left thumb. So after doing the first aid I got back to work. I knew that this day wasn't my day when I cutted into my right thumb. And this time it wasn't one of those little cuts that doesn't even hurt and stops bleeding after some minutes. Now I know why Bloodletters are called Bloodletters. Khorne must have been very pleased.
So while SWMBO cleaned the bathroom sink from blood I was sitting there with my two pink plastered thumbs. Yes pink, because I had no more plasters around and SWMBO just had those pink ones covered with dolphins, flowers and princesses.
Well there are days you loose and days the others win.
But now some pictures.

I wanted the models to look as human like as possible and therefore trimmed off all those pustule thingies. I also exchanged the sword hands with Daemonette claws. They are still missing the GS work. For a obvious reason I call them Lickers. I know there are monsters in Resident Evil that are already named like that but I couldn't find a more suitable name for them.


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