Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Milestone and a cry for help

So it's time for an update and for post number 100!! Another small milestone.

Again I thank all of you passers by and especially Andy and Fran. No drinks today, had too much of them last night. SWMBO even drew stuff on my feet while I was sleeping and I didn't notice anything. But now on with some news about modeling.

What's this about? Since every Monster in Silent Hill represents some Fears or Debts the background for the Lickers where similar to the Abstract Daddy from the Silent Hill 2 game: sexual abuse. While the claw shall represent the force with which the offender holds its victim the featureless face stands for the anonymity the victim gives its tormentor. Well the long tongue stands for itself I think.
Now I need your opinion about the possible modification on the Lickers because I thought it would probably be a good idea to add something in the groin of the model to round up the theme so I made this demo with another Daemonette claw representing the male genital in a horrible way. Also will add some Green Stuff balls. What do you think? Do or Drop?




  1. Congrats on the milestone!! I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley.....infact I wouldn't like to meet him at all!!!

  2. Milestone indeed! Congrats!

    The miniature....Cruel....Nasty...Sexy! Erm...

    Keep as it is mate>!!!!

  3. No thanks needed buddy, it's a true pleasure to be lurking and commenting on your blog!

    My opinion ... drop it.
    I find the model more disturbing without the dingeling. Should you be adamant on giving him a dingeling make it either very realistic or realistically funny, don't go too extreme like this ...

  4. Ehn. I think the concept is interesting but I think recent gaming and design is over-flooded with imagery that's droolingly obvious to the point of being almost pretentious (not saying your sculpture is). Personally I think you should tone the symbolism back a bit. Maybe go for something that looks less human even. The spiked dong just kinda looks a little humorous and the body looks pretty similar to the "xenomorph" design in Aliens.