Sunday, October 30, 2011

Distraction of the Day - I am Batman!

I bought Batman: Arkham City yesterday and just started playing it. I have to say: It's awesome.

It's a little like Assassins Creed but with all the Batman characters. You're running through the whole Arkham City having optional quests besides the main story line kicking all those bad guys in the ass.
Another cool feature is that you switch between Batman and Catwoman during the game. And Catwoman isn't only damn hot but also quite awesome in kicking butt and crawling up walls or even upside down on the ceiling. All of you that enjoy Assassins Creed or/and the first Batman game will love this game. And those of you that are Batman fans since the beginning of Batman won't ever put the Control pad away.

So long. Gotta get back to Gotham City now. See you then.