Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Aye Mateys!

Have been a lot of things going on in the past weeks. They weren't all good.
It startet right after my post of playing Space Marine. As I finished the game and wasn't able to play the Multiplayer mode I got back to playing Fallout 3. I never finished that game and started completely new.

Then someday my PS3 made a SW update and that's when things got worse. After the update my PS was unable to reach the PS Network. It got its IP and stuff but that was it. No connection to the PSN. So I startet playing around and tried several things on my router. Port forwarding, IP filter and much other stuff. Nothing worked. Finally I saw that Button "Firmware update" and decided to do that update for the box.
Updates are always good right?
No they aren't.
After the update I was unable to reach the box. It got it's connection to the Internet but I didn't get a connection to the box.
So I called support and they said they send me a new one. After 3 days without internet the new box finally arrived and I immediately installed everything and was happy again. Even the PS was able to reach the PSN again but I still was unable to play Space Marine in multiplayer. I had problems with my NAT. After searching the web I found out that my router isn't a router but just a modem and that I would have prevailed all those trouble with only using PPPoE.

I was kind of afraid how used I am to switch on my Mac and spend a lot of time online. I sometimes caught myself being clueless what to do with all this free time. Kind of creepy.

Also I have been to Berlin with my pals last weekend. Mainly because we visited "Venus", a Erotic fair. We had a blast there drinking a lot of beer and taking pictures of hot girls. But it was kind of disgusting how some people treat those girls there. You can't imagine. Those ugly weirdos with their huge lenses. It was kind of a meatshow sometimes. If we wanted to take a picture with one of the girls we kindly introduced ourselves and asked if we are allowed to but most of those freaks just touched them everywhere and took their pictures. I was kind of ashamed of being a man.
But except of this it was a great weekend with great guys having a lot of booze enjoying ourselves and the great weather.

Hobby related I did some minor progress on the Lickers and today finally Dreadfleet arrived and I love the models and all other stuff inside the box. They are greatly detailed and all those stuff is soooo awesome.

I promise to show some pictures soon.



  1. I tell you man don't worry about the hobby pictures for a moment and post some of the ladies:D

  2. Your wish is my command dude... ; )