Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is my love

Spring has arrived! At least on the calendar because this morning I had some ice on the car windows. I mean really?! Is this still necessary?
But I love spring time; the days are getting longer, the weather is getting better and the skirts are getting shorter again.
Here's an old track I liked when I was younger, heard it again on a 90ies Party this weekend. Oh sweet memories.

Neverthelsess I've been busy this weekend and got help from my better half with cutting out the first wallpapers for the Living houses.

After that I brushed the street tiles and painted the manhole covers.
Streets? Done!

a little closeup

And finally I brushed the buildings. As you can see I gave them some pretty colours.

I already started painting the doorframes and after that it's time for the floors followed by glueing the wallpapers in place.



  1. You use actual wallpaper?

    The sample thing! Brilliant!!

    Where can I find some? XD

    1. It's just a print of a wallpaper pic scaled down.
      I realised too late that I could also have done the floor this way but I will do that on the Burger and the Grocery store. Maybe on the Appartement building also.

  2. Looking pretty good! Really making good progress!!!

  3. Really cool project, can't wait to see more