Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zone Mortalis - Worth the price?

Today I just want to share some thoughts with you.
This new terrain stuff named Zone Mortalis is available at forgeworld and as I first saw it I thought "Haha I already built my Bunker" but then my mind went "Wait a minute..."

taken from forgeworld.co.uk

The reason why my mind made a full break was the price. Those four parts above cost 90 pounds what are about 107€. And that's for 60cm x 60cm. Then I thought back about how much I spend on the materials I used for my bunker board and made a list.

50cm x 100cm 5mm MDF -> 5€
70cm x 100cm Depron      -> 3€
Ponal Glue                         -> 8€
Black Paint                        -> 5€
Bird Sand                          -> 3€
Cardboard                         -> 5€

That makes a total of 29€ for a gaming board of 50cm x 100cm. Okay okay this is the price for complete undetailed stuff except of the structure sauce but every gamer has a box where he keeps all the stuff of which he thinks that could be useful someday and that can be used here to add various stuff and details just like I added some grid, cable and other various stuff.
The Zone Mortalis is very detailed and that is awesome but I think it's nothing you can't achieve yourself.
Okay so I add another 10€ for other detailing materials and sum it up to 40€. So if you take those 100€ for a forgeworld set, buy the materials above and spend some weekend days with crafting you can get a gaming board of 100cm x 200cm. In comparison you would have to spend 360€ for a Zone Mortalis board of 90cm x 180cm.
What is it that I want to tell you?
I think the main message is: Build your terrain on your own!
It's not only much much much much cheaper but it's also unique and a lot of fun to build.

What brings my Silent Hill Board back into my mind... The weather is meant to get better this week so I plan to basecoat the last buildings and get my ass back up to modeling.
I also did some minor progress on Mike Mayhem and started another little project but I'll show you those stuff later the next days.



  1. It's a good price for a start, more updates Oli!

  2. I think the price is OK for the area you get all things considered. For many people, time is a more precious commodity than cash.

    However I would never buy one of these, as I truly enjoy building scenery. I'm making detailed wall sections with working doors out of scrap foamcore and leftover plasticard.. It's costing me basically nothing and it is extremely satisfying to have a 100% custom piece at the end.

  3. I think it's a tough call. When you consider the price of other pieces of terrain, this actually works out as good value... never thought I'd say that about FW stuff.

    But to do the 'game' justice you need about 8-10 sets, then it gets a bit silly. If you've got the cash, great, but most people won't and are more likley to go the DIY route.

    You're 100% right. You could make it yourself for a much better price. As detailed? Perhaps not. My biggest bone with this piece is the variety. i.e. there is none.

    Download the rules, they look pretty decent and get crafting!

    Can't wait to see progress on the Silent Hill board, sounds fun.

    Check out Fenris Games latest offering of the Sulaco tiles, similar but far better value.