Friday, April 27, 2012

Got Wood?

Hello together! I did some more small scenery stuff. This time it's some wood palettes. Each one is made of a popsicle stick.

I first wanted to paint them with several coats of brown as I thought "They are already wooden, so why paint them?" And then I just gave them a coat of GW Devlan Mud and GW Ogryn Flesh. Bazinga! And now they look like aged wood. Got all 20 made in about an hour.

Maybe I make some more of them as I have hundreds of popsicle sticks laying around. But I have to do other stuff first. The last time I rodered paints and other expendable materials I just couldn't get past my "shiny model syndrome" and bought the following cuties. The are called "Glom" and are from Reapers "Deadlands" Range. I think they fit pretty well into my SH Army, althouogh I'm still unsure for what I use them. Who cares? They are cool models.

I tried something new on their bases: Distress Crackle Paint. The guys from Massive Voodoo made a pretty good article about that stuff and so I thought iId try this out.
They are already base coated so they get some paint today and I'm also working on the Grocery is on my list for today. Have a nice weekend.



  1. I have this project lying around as well. Good extra scenery mate.

  2. The palettes are great and I've been tempted by that figure a couple of times!