Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ZombieHammer - Emergency Call?

We had our next game session last friday and it was a blast. All have been pretty much right on time... except my SWMBO. Why are those that have the shortest way always the latest?
Neverthelsess here is the table I set up for the session

And this is the shield I built for me in terms of a game master. There are all rules in short printed on back of the three pages.

Here we have the players deciding what they want to eat. From left to ritgh: Mauro, Egon, Voltus and Galaxia (which dind't want to be on the pic). About 1,5 hours are already gone without any gaming action.
After all orders where set we started where we left our survivors the last time. I hope you have as much fun reading this than we had during playing.

Surrounded by the sound of the flickering lamps the group examines the lobby and reception desk which is immediately left of the entrance door where they find  visitors maps of the hospital. Looking on the maps they make a first object of their expedition: The pharmacy of the hospital. They move through the deserted corridors and find the pharmacy unlocked. Voltus opens the door gently while he is covered by the others with ready weapons. No zombie at the pharmacy. In search of the medicine cabinets Galaxia is invaluable because as a pharmacist she knows exactly what things can be helpful. The group is consistent with some assembled first aid kits and a few bottles epinephrine and then throws another look at the map to identify their next target. This time it's the cafeteria which is located next to the pharmacy. The place is also empty, but a closed door excites Voltus curiosity and he tries to open it with his crowbar. This experiment goes awful wrong  and the crowbar falls with a loud clanking to the ground which attracts a zombie to the group. Voltus fails to grab his assault rifle and so Galaxia shoots the ZED. Voltus can’t  stop his curiosity and he tries to open the door again, this time with success. Disappointment strikes when he discoveres that there is  just a little room with stored cleaning utensils behind the door.
Voltus and the rest of the group go back into the corridor where they find a door to a stairwell, an elevator and the main entrance to the kitchen. Galaxia checkes the elevator with a push on a button, but after there’s no sign the elevator works, the group decides to investigate this floor first before they go tothe  higher floors, so they enter the kitchen. Here they encounter three zombies and this time it has been worth that all  four previously readyied their weapons and Voltus and Galaxia shoot two zombies with their assault rifles while Egon and Mauro shoot the last Zombie with their Pistols. Voltus chops off the heads of the Zombies while Galaxia, Mauro and Egon are looking around. The search brings up some food that would last for several days and a few pots, knives and other kitchen utensils. After the Fellowship ate some food, they grab a bottle of vegetable oil with the plan to build a trap for zombies later. During the filling of the bottle Egon gets the idea that they could even find some alcohol and then to build Molotov cocktails. But there is no alcohol in the kitchen, and so they decideto  first go next doorto the laundry toget  a few rags they could use as a fuse. In the small laundry lock a few laundry baskets are supplied with towels. Egon grabs one of them and cust it into 20 smaller fragments and puts them in his backpack. From there they go to administration offices the search for clues about the ZED disease and the survivors.
One of the offices is not locked and Mauro examines the desk phone, but only hears a hoot. The PC can’t get switched on and the goup is sure there is only emergency power supply available in the building. Galaxia examines the filing cabinets in which there are only documents of employees. The group moves to the next office still with the weapons at ready to to prevent further unpleasant surprises. The office next door is locked  and Voltus curiosity is ringing again. He grabs his crowbar and starts to work on the door. This time he needs two attempts to open the door and when the door swings open there  is a zombie in the small office behind a desk. Voltus isn’t acting fast enough again to exchange his crowbar against his assault rifle and therefore just he just stumbles into the office to at least give the others a clear shot. Galaxia is immediately on the spot and sticks the zombie down with a 4 shot volley from her assault rifle. A quick examination of the office brings absolutely nothing to light. A phone and a PC that do not work and Galaxia makes onyl out that the zombie she  just shot  once was the owner of the office as she compares the names in his wallet with the on the office door.
The group moves on to the next office but that door is also locked. Revisiting his experience with closed doors Voltus decides to leave this one and those of the next six offices in peace. After making out that  the administration wing was a dead end the companions head for the stairwell to look around in the upper floors. Still in the stairwell the group discusses how they want to proceed. Voltus says that espects the survivors fortified  in the second floor because there would be the best overview. Galaxia thinks it’s best to first examine the first floor but in the end they agree to it first go to the second floor. As they taket the stairs from first to second floor, they don’t get far. About half way up they face a wall of steel in their way. The stairwell was blocked. Voltus feels confirmed in his assumption that the survivors have barricaded on the second floor and the group decides to avoid the first floor and move over the ground floor, to try this again in the second staircwell to reach the second floor. No sooner said than done, but also in the second stairwell is halfway up on the way from first to second floor a steel wall in their way. Voltus argues that the survivors have sealed off all entrances except for one in order to have better control. The others agree with his theory, and so they decide to try it with the next stairwell. Again this provides them the image of a steel wall. Only now Voltus incident that the steel plates were riveted into the wall on their side. Thus he sees his theory shattered for why should the wall be riveted by this side when the survivors are on the other side? After re-inspecting the maps the four decide to try it with the stairwells in the center of the building again, but this time they also want to take look here on the first. On the way into the hall of the first floor they can already see from a distance that there is probably something on the ground. As they get closer with their weapons at ready, they recognize that these are the bodies of three soldiers who look as if they got torn half. Their faces are horribly disfigured and bloody footprints leading away in all directions from them, suggesting that there are pretty much everywhere zombies lurking. Except for twoempty assault rifles the bodies are found empty. After a brief persuasion from Voltus even Egon and Mauro realise that it is pointless to take two empty Assault rifles and divide the existing ammunition to more people. The review of the twomain  stairwells yielded the same results as in the past: riveted steel plates block the way. The four decide to go to the nearby to look around. The corridor is free of zombies and the doors to the recovery room are not closed. The four pull out their weapons and stormed the room only to find a camp. The hospital beds were replaced with cots and as the group looks around they discover a lot of blankets, pillows and personal belongings of soldiers once stored here. The prospect of this group to meet with survivors falls increasingly. When they want to leave the room they notice that the door open to a small side room is slightly open. Ready for anything the group sneaks up to the door and Egon opens it with an forceful push. They don’t find ZEDs but  a small storage of military equipment: A few combat knives, a flak jacket, two empty assault rifles, three magazines for an assault rifle, two magazines for a pistol, and other combat equipmen parts. This time Mauro is resistant to rational words from Voltus and takes an assault rifle and two magazines while the last one is grabbed from Galaxia. Egon is pleased to have two additional magazines for his pistol. All gather together some equipment and now have to leave quite a bit of their equipment because the capacity their backpacks is now within reach. Who needs a mp3 player in times like these? And 5 day rations are also far too much. After the group took a look through a nearby window, they notice that it slowly dawns and because of this they decide to set up camp for the night in a room around the corner because it has only one door, and is consequently easier to secure. Along the way they come to a door that looks a little odd, reinforced. It is the door to the
Central Sterile Supply Department. Mauro opens the door just to find an command center behind... and six zombies. He manages to grab his assault rifle and fires four shots on a zombie, then he notices that he blocks the others the way and steps aside into the room. The other three of the group are still very surprised of the stuff gloing on and just watch the zombies move towards them. Mauro had to make room for the others and move a pit towards the zombies what now is his  doom because one of the zombies attackes him. Redeemed by their rigid the others storm the room now. Voltus killes one of the zombies with his assault rifle while Galaxia this time is not so lucky and just wounds another zombie. Egon is just as lucky and wounds another zombie. Mauro took off his opponent with one stroke of his knife, but it gives only brief space to breathe. The remaining zombies have approached them and it breaks off a melee in which finalyl  all the zombies are dead and Egon gets quite heavy injured on the leg. Fortunately, the injury could only be attributed to the impact force of a hit and does not show an open wound that assumes he could beto infection with ZED.
While Voltus again separates the heads of the ZEDs, Galaxia deals with Egons injury. She bandages the injury and splints it but it can’t be done more, Egon needs rest.
While Egon leans against the wall and rests Mauro watches over him while Voltus and Galaxia examine the command room. It consists of several tables and files lying around and a radio station. Galaxia assumes the files and Voltus goes to the radio station finding a slumped corpse with a hole in the head sitting on a chair in front of it. Next to the body an empty pistol is lying on the floor and the radio station still transmits constantly its call for help from the tape.
Meanwhile Galaxia, found a car key, records of ZED and an envelope marked "Top Secret" that she opes straightaway. The envelope includes order with a emergency protocol providing for the withdrawal to an relief camp and a code 45719362 that is required for entry. Very enthusiastic about her findings, she totally forgets about the ZED files and displays the key and the secret orders to the rest of the group. Now that the night slowly approaches and Egon is wounded the four decide to stay in the camp of the soldiers and barricade the entrances and appoint nightwatches. Before going to bed all sit together and Egon tells of his father whom he lost at the age of 16. This brings Voltus to talk about his time in various orphanages and that he doesn’t know his parents, he only has a signet ring left that was lying within his ctadle. Egon, who is due to his background very well versed in the noble features, offers Voltus to take a look on the signet ring to maybe recognise it but he doesn’t. After the short conversation all go to bed.

10th September 2014

The next morning Egon feels already much better,  thanks tothe  treatment by Galaxia. The group sets about to leave the hospital but when they leave the stairwell of the ground floor, they discover a figure moving towards them  at the end of the corridor where the kitchen is. It is quite big and when it comes closer, they realize that the figure is holding a machete in his hand and wears a hockey mask. Because of the slow speed of the figure the group decides to go outside the hospital and ambush the follower there. No sooner said than done and Voltus sits together with Mauro in wait behind a military jeep left the front door and Galaxia and Egon on the right side of the entrance door. There are perhaps 10 meters to the front door and as the automatic doors open and the figure appears to the outside Voltus opens the fire immediately while Galaxia enters the military jeep in front of the her, using the key found in the command room that gets the jeep up and running. Egon follows her on foot and climsb into the back seat of the vehicle while he is shooting his pistol at the stranger.
After Voltus pumped six of his ten shot burst into the giant that is still approaching the group, now Mauro also grabs his assault rifle and shoots at the giant. While Voltus moved with  the presence of mind behind the military jeep, Mauro remains relatively open what turns out to be fatal as he is attacked by the giant. Mauro is fast enough to stab with his knife, but the giant is quite unaffected by the scar that is caused and unleashes two heavy blows with his machete on Mauro. Badly wounded Mauro faints. Fortunately, the second hit was only with the flat side of the machete on the head and Mauro went to the ground only by the force of the hit. Voltus scurries out from behind his cover again and sees what happened to Mauro, he does not think a long time and again gives a fully automatic burst onto the giant. He slighty tumbles but remains standing bleeding from various wounds. Galaxia is sets the jeep back, ready to leave the hospital, and shoots with her assault rifles out of the door. Egon checks the machine gun mounted on the roof of the jeep and is disappointed as he discovers that the ammunition is empty. So he takes his pistol and shoots on the giant. In the hail of bullets the giant finally falls to the ground. Attracted by the loud noise of battle, two stray zombies appear one of which directly attacks Voltus and the othersways towards the Jeep. Voltus can keep the zombie away from him and wounds him badly, as Galaxia present of mind switches the gear and simply runs the second zombie over with the jeep. A loud crack and a couple of decent blood spatters later,all that is left of the zombies is a soem bloody mush and Voltus also has managed to slay his opponent. Voltus rushes to Mauro and Galaxia and Egon exit from the Jeep to also look after him. Galaxia vets his wounds and he slowly recovers consciousnessand the group debates ehre they should go now. Even based on the tactical maps, they can’t make out the relief camp that is referred to in the secret document. Galaxia tries to convince the othesr that this must be the airport but no one wants to listen to her. While Egon and Voltus further study the maps, Galaxia grabs the machete of the dead giant.
Half an hour later, Galaxia still insists on the idea to go to the airport and the others then give unnerved even after all and get on the jeep. While Mauro sits quite weak in the back seat, Voltus still studies the maps due to the fact that doesn’t believe that the airport is the relief camp. Egon is sitting relatively calmly in the passenger seat next to Galaxia who is driving the slightly battered troops towards the airport. Along the way they discover roadside signs with the words "refugees this way" and follow them, which leads to a large gate at the airport. The gate is part of a very high concrete wall that is seemingly modular and built around the airport. Galaxia stops the jeep in front of the gate and exits together with Egon, while further back Voltus grudgingly studies the maps. At the gate is a sort of integrated intercom, but it  shows no reaction on pressing the bell. Near the gate is another sign indicating to a military entrance. Egon and Galaxia get back into the jeep and drive the way only to encounter another gate, although not quite as big as the firstone. On this is a keyboard attached and Galaxia types the numbers of the code which they found in the secret envelope. The door slowly begins to open and Galaxia wants to drive the jeep through the gate, but at that moment the gas runs out and the four have enter the area on foot. Once they have passed through the gate and walked a few meters they see a few buildings in the distance and a few planes on the flying field. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing that can be seen as between  the buildings zombies block the way to the flying field. There are a lot of them and they do not seem to have discovered the group yet. The four think about to run away from here facing that much ZEDs but just when they  have thought this idea to the end the gate closes behind them and that was with it with getting away.

That was it for that session. Next time we'll se what those ZED horde is up with and why there are so many of them in an area that should be a relief camp.



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